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Vesna Aromatherapy was established by Dallas-based aromatherapist and certified coach, Julie Muhsmann, MBA, ACC.

Humans have been using plants for millennia to support the body's natural healing ability and strengthen emotional and spiritual well being. Vesna believes in the power of plants to enhance the wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Through the studied and mindful use of quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils, their properties and synergies with other oils, Vesna Aromatherapy aims to create great smelling and gentle products that harness our bodies' inborn healing ability and complement traditional healing modalities. 

In particular, Vesna Aromatherapy specializes in the use of essential oils to accelerate personal growth, inner transformation and the resolution of difficult emotional residues by incorporating EOs into The Mindset Process, a powerful, one-on-one transformational program. The Mindset Process helps identify and break through limiting beliefs, which then allows the client to tap into her own innate strengths and creativity of the Authentic Self, enabling her to achieve goals and live a fulfilled life in alignment. 

Click the button below to schedule a free, no obligation 45-minute Mindset session and see if it's right for you! This free session is held in person if in the DFW area, over the phone or Skype/FaceTime.

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